‘Midnights’ by Taylor Swift

New album was worth a few late nights


Terry Watt / Getty Images / Tribune News Service

Taylor Swift performs onstage during NSAI 2022 Nashville Songwriter Awards at Ryman Auditorium on Sept. 20, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cisco Garcia , Staff Writer

Taylor Swift’s new album, “Midnights,” has blown away Swifties across the world. This new album’s rollout has been one like the world has never seen before.  

On Aug. 28, Taylor Swift won Video of the Year for “All Too Well: The Short Film.” at the VMAs. During her acceptance speech, she announced that she would be releasing her 10th studio album and to meet her at midnight for more details. At midnight, Swifties were met with a social media post with the album art to her new album. The caption to the post read, “Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out Oct. 21. Meet me at midnight.” 

About a month later, she introduced a new series on TikTok called “Midnights Mayhem with Me.” She released the first out of 13 TikToks revealing the track list to “Midnights.” She unpredictably dropped videos at midnight where she spun a bingo cage to choose which track to reveal next.   

In the days leading up to release week, she put out exclusive videos through Spotify. These videos revealed even more information about the album, in which she announced the five things that inspired her new album. These things were self-loathing, fantasizing about revenge, wondering what could have been, falling in love and falling apart. Taylor Swift then posted an entire calendar of events of what was going to happen in the upcoming week and a half. She called this calendar the “Midnights Manifest.” This included a teaser trailer for her “Midnights” music videos, her “Midnights” release, a “3a.m. chaotic surprise” after the album release, the dates of when her music videos would drop, along with her appearances on late-night TV shows.  

In the days leading up to the release, Taylor Swift partnered with Spotify to reveal select lyrics from the “Midnights” album in random locations around the world at midnight. For example, when the clock struck midnight in Mexico City, a lyric was revealed on a billboard. This happened in big cities around the world such as London and Nashville.  

On release night, a teaser trailer was played during the third quarter of Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football. This showed glimpses of her new music videos to go along with the songs that would be released later into the night. 

While Swifties waited until midnight, Twitter was buzzing of theories from Swifties all over the world about the new album. This made it the top-trending topic on Twitter, worldwide. 

At midnight, “Midnights” was released to the world. Immediately, people were astonished by how amazing the album was. The album follows an alternative pop type of style with amazing lyricism. Swifties were instantly in love with this new album.  

As many listened to “Midnights” on repeat into the early morning, most Swifties on Twitter had agreed that the “3 a.m. chaotic surprise” was going to be a tour announcement. Well, they were wrong. Taylor Swift, being unpredictable as always, released another seven bonus tracks as her planned “3 a.m. chaotic surprise.” 

Her 3 a.m. post to Twitter says, “Surprise! I think of ‘Midnights’ as a complete concept album, with those 13 songs forming a full picture of the intensities of that mystifying, mad hour. However! There were other songs we wrote on our journey to find that magic 13. I’m calling them 3 a.m. tracks. Lately I’ve been loving the feeling of sharing more of our creative process with you, like we do with ‘From The Vault’ tracks. So it’s 3 a.m. and I’m giving them to you now.” Swifties around the world were stunned.  

Throughout its first day, “Midnights” started to break records. It broke the record of being the most-streamed album in 24 hours, the most-streamed act on Spotify in 24 hours and Taylor Swift became the most-streamed female artist in Spotify history. Even after breaking these records, this was just the beginning for “Midnights”. Throughout the week, “Midnights” broke the record for having the biggest streaming week in Spotify history, the first album to occupy the top 13 spots of Global Apple Music five days in a row, and Taylor Swift has become the first artist to occupy all the top ten spots on the Billboard Top 100. 

In all, this album shows just how much of a mastermind Taylor Swift really is. She has put attention to every detail of this album, from the rollout to the lyricism. After how many records “Midnights” has broken, this album will go down in history as one of her greatest pieces of work.