Former Packer shows you can chase your dreams

Anthony McCulley, Staff Writer

Former Packers’, 49ers’ and Falcons’ quarterback Kurt Benkert proves why you shouldn’t give up on your dreams and fight through adversity.
Benkert played college football at Eastern Carolina and Virginia. Benkert went undrafted during the 2018 NFL draft and has faced adversity throughout his NFL career.
At East Carolina, Benkert redshirted during his freshman season in 2013. He played in three games during the 2014 season against N.C. Central, North Carolina and Florida.
Benkert started all 13 of Virginia’s games during the 2017 season. He also got a piece of history as he became the first Virginia player to hit 3,000 pass yards during a season.
Unsurprisingly, Benkert went undrafted during the 2018 NFL draft. But he signed a contract with the Atlanta Falcons and saw himself as a backup for Matt Ryan.
Later, he was released from Atlanta and then got signed to the Green Bay Packers.
Benkert posted an Instagram photo of him achieving an NFL snap by kneeling down for the final snap of a game.
Benkert was briefly on the San Francisco 49ers during the 2022 NFL season. He was then released by the 49ers and kept putting in the work and recently found himself signing a contract for the San Antonio Brahmas of the XFL.
This just goes to show that no matter how much adversity you face, you should always keep going and not give up on your dreams because it will pay off.
In Benkert’s case, it did as he will be starting for the Brahmas as they are hungry at the quarterback position.