Senate representatives help fellow students

Mailbag, Letters to the Editor

As a student representative, I have had the unique experience of being able to communicate directly with a large variety of students and faculty at Madison College. One of the most common underlying attributes these people demonstrate is an insane amount of communal awareness and altruism.

In other words, they care, and they want to help change the college, and their communities, for the better.

Many of these individuals that are newer to the college, however, aren’t certain of how to enact that change directly or efficiently. This is where I feel the Student Senate is an amazing place to start.

As one of the largest and oldest student organizations on campus, the Senate deals with problems affecting students not only at Truax campus, not only in the Madison metro area, but to all four of our regional campuses as well. As a Senator, you’d be able to undergo working on initiatives that can, and often do, affect students and yourself directly. Issues such as housing and food insecurity as well as academic advising are all currently being worked on by the Senate. You could take part in making them more manageable, and eventually, a problem of the past.

Historically, Senate has brought multiple solutions and resources to the Madison College student body including our shuttle bus system, the Metro pass program, and most recently, our textbook rental program.

You would also garner experience working in a team environment, develop and hone your leadership abilities, become a stronger public speaker, all while gaining a deeper understanding of legislative procedures and policymaking.

If you are aching to make a difference on your campus, in your community, in the lives of students across all of Madison College, I implore you to please apply for the 2019 – 2020 school year Senate. You never know what impact you could make!

Jonathan Jones

Vice President of Public Relations

Student Senate