Manage your end-of-school-year stress

Bailey Ayres, Sports Editor

It is getting to the end of the semester. There’s just a few days left until finals. I got a little stressed out just by typing those words.

It’s a stressful time for us all. Everyone has final projects, final papers and final exams. Thinking about all you have to do at once is daunting.

Here are some things you should do as we approach the end of the semester.


I highly advise everyone to get a good night’s sleep every night. It will make you feel rested, and will make you feel productive during the day. According to the National Sleep Foundation it is good to get between seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

You can also sleep on breaks between your classes, or working on your assignments. According to the National Sleep Foundation getting between 20 to 30 minutes naps in can help to improve your mood, making you more productive and alert.

Take a Break

I would not recommend using all your breaks to take a nap, but to do other things as well.

With spring here and warmer weather coming around the corner (hopefully), it will be nice to get out and get some fresh air.

Take a walk, walk the dog or go on a run. Enjoy an outdoor break on a sunny day.

If is a rainy day, read your favorite book, catch up with your favorite television show on Hulu or Netflix, do some household chores that need to be done. Do whatever you like to do, so you can motivate yourself to get through all your projects, papers, and other end-of-the-semester things you have on your to do list.

Find a Study Spot

Just like every student here at Madison College, I am busy with school and work outside of the classroom. I know I am not the only one.

We all have busy lives, so we should plan out when we should get our study time in, and when we work on these final projects and papers before they are due.

Find a time that works out for you. Right now weekends are the best time for me to be productive and to get things done.

I can get stuff done during the work week, that is after a certain time I can crack down and work on homework. Just sit down, and take a look at your schedule and fit some study time for yourself.
Not only should you look for a perfect time to study and get school stuff done, you should find a quite spot or your favorite study spot to get everything done. Find that spot where you are most motivated to get through those papers and projects.

Once you have your spot, make yourself comfortable to get work done (not too comfortable where you will fall asleep). Listen to the music you like to listen to when working on things, or work in complete silence.

It’s up to you. Do whatever you need to do to get through that work load.

Wishing everyone good luck with their last weeks of semester projects, papers, and final exams.

Work hard, get some sleep, eat, and be healthy! Summer will be here in no time.