Online classes hard, but great for busy students

Darren Strasburg, Staff Writer

Online learning can be stressful and hard at times, but it can also be very convenient and helpful to a student’s busy schedule.

What should students expect before enrolling in an online course? What type of student should not take an online course?

Madison College academic advisor Luis Rey gave me all the information I needed.

First, a student must understand the involvement needed in an online class.  Time must be a commitment and it is usually underestimated by students. Students also must know taking an online class is not just an easy “A” and a blow off course. Online courses are harder than you may expect.

Second, students must have the technology and hardware available. They must not rely on someone else’s computer and their technology; you must have your own.
Lastly, students in an online course can do the work wherever they please, but there are deadlines you need to meet. That’s one beauty of an online class, student can do their work right from their bed if wanted.

I also interviewed some of my friends who attend bigger universities like UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, and Marquette University. Only two of them are currently in an online course, and they both favor face-to-face courses.  When asked why, they said they like to be in the actual classroom with a professor visually learning.  The one plus they had about online classes what that you can do the tasks wherever.

I asked a couple of other friends who do not currently have an online class why they didn’t enroll in an online couse.  They responded just like those currently in an online class, they prefer to be in the classroom and have that connection with the teacher person to person.

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of online courses. Right now I am taking Intro to Mass Communications as an online course because it was the only thing I could fit into my schedule.  The instructor, Larry Hansen, has done a good job with connecting to us students and keeping us very informed.