Veteran’s Resource Center supports veterans with thank you notes

Britni Petitt, Photo Editor

Every year, Nov. 11, is observed as Veteran’s Day, a day to pay respect to veterans of all wars. As of 2018, 18.2 million living veterans had served during at least one war.

The week of Nov. 4-8, the Veteran’s Resource Center on campus was out giving students the chance to write thank you notes to veterans and collecting donations of toiletries, winter gear, and backpacks to help homeless veterans. The backpacks are to be filled on the Nov. 11 and other activities will be made available throughout the week.

Donation drives and thank you cards may seem like small actions, but they leave a large impact on those who receive them.

According to Allan Locia, the Veteran Resource Coordinator and veteran himself, genuine messages of support and gratitude for the armed forces mean more than parades and events typical of remembrance days.

For those currently serving, letters of thanks boost morale. Sometimes veterans and service members write letters and send photos back to show they’re grateful.

The Veteran Resource Center will be sharing the cards with student veterans first. From there, they’ll be sent to VFWs and American Legion.

Although cards are helpful, Allan invites anyone to stop by the center’s office. They’re willing to speak to anyone about the resources available to veterans as it can be helpful in the spread of information.