Enjoy reading ‘The Shadows of Mindor’

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A book for any “Star Wars” fan to start off with is “Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor.” Taking place one year after “Return of the Jedi,” the book centers on the battle of Mindor between the New Republic Army, led by Luke Skywalker (now a general) and the Imperial Forces, led by the Sith sorcerer Shadowspawn.
The book is full of action from space battles between New Republic Star Fighters and endless waves of suicidal Tie Fighters, to the ground war on the volcanic world where New Republic marines face hordes of shadow storm troopers.
The book also deals with Luke’s battles in the abyss of dark side, as he sees the end of the universe and how he battles to hold on to his soul.
Meanwhile the crew of the Falcon are caught in the midst of battle to stay alive, while Lando commands  the Republic fleet with his savvy tactics.
This book feels like “Star Wars” and brings to life the epic space adventure we all grew up with. It shows the darkness of the universe, and how one can hold on to hope even while looking into the abyss. It also serves as a satire of the “Star Wars” universe in the form of the humor and Easter eggs that any fan will get.