Holiday coffee flavors are back at Berres Brothers Café

Mary Segall, Staff Writer

Calling all coffee connoisseur, Berres Brothers Café holiday flavors are here!  Berres Brothers serve and roast their own blend of assorted coffees with varying flavors including “Awaken,” “Mocha Mint,” “Chocolate Chip Cookie,” “Vanilla Wave” and “Strudel Cake” just to name a few. There are some seasonal favorites that are available for the holiday season, “Mistletoe Mocha,” “Sugar Cookie,” “Peppermint Stick” and “Tapped Out.” 

Berres Brothers Café and Retail Store is located in Watertown, Wisconsin. The company opened in the year 1992. 

Upon pulling into the parking lot, it was rather full with different vehicles. I saw people leaving the store with a smile on their face and a coffee cup in their hand. This was my first time there so I was not sure what to expect.

 As I walked in, I saw people chatting at tables and drinking their coffee. Off to the left was a counter where food and beverages could be ordered.  

On the menu to order there were frozen drinks, smoothies, teas, hot chocolates and of course coffee beverages including lattes, Americanos and cappuccinos. 

Coffee cake is available in flavors like blueberry, brown butter and double chocolate along with bagels, muffins and cookies.   

There was a minimalistic feel to the establishment with not too many seasonal decorations or artwork on the walls, but tasteful instrumental music can be heard during your visit. The tables and floor were clean and a delightful smell of fresh brewed coffee and crumble cake lingered throughout the store.  

As I walked past the counter and turned left, there was a wall of coffee from little single cups for a Keurig to a 1.5 oz bag to larger pound bags.  There was a nice selection of the select coffees in either whole beans or freshly ground servings. Other little holiday trinkets could be found such as holiday mugs with reindeer screen-printed on them or ornaments of coffee or hot chocolate for any true connoisseur.  

Before leaving for home, I purchased a few of the 1.5 oz bags of coffee to try. The staff are very personable and are open to giving you their opinions of other items you may enjoy. I have heard of this brand before. They can usually be found in at least a few flavors at your local market from my experience.  

I love the chocolate chip cookie coffee; I drink it weekly. I picked up a peppermint stick coffee which was delicious, it offers a subtle undertone of chocolate with a lighter blend of coffee, quite enjoyable! 

I highly recommend the peppermint stick flavored coffee which I believe is a limited offer only during this specific holiday season. Hot coffee with the aroma of peppermint, the taste is delightful and not overbearing with the peppermint just enough to make it noticed. This specific coffee pairs beautifully with Nestle’s Coffee Mate Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer for a wonderful Christmas treat. “I call it Christmas in a cup!”

My overall experience at Berres Brothers was enjoyable. The atmosphere of the establishment was welcoming and seemed to be well kept with. Customers seemed to be enjoying themselves whether it was drinking a coffee while reading the newspaper or doing some work on a laptop and having a muffin. The staff was friendly and helpful and I found many new options of coffee to try out!  

I will be going back to Berres Brothers, I recommend it to anyone looking for a great spot to meet friends for coffee or a quiet place to get some work done with a pleasant atmosphere.