Madison College Fashion Show showcases an array of different designs



“The ‘New Normal’” by Chris Burandt and Nancy Montignon.

Hailey Griffin, Arts Editor

Madison College’s fourth annual fashion show was a success, despite the shift to a virtual platform.

Stakeholders, Madison College instructors, Madison College alumni, Fashion Marketing students, and Fashion Marketing Director Betty Hurd, came together to produce Madison College’s first virtual fashion show, “The Change.” It can be viewed on YouTube at “Embrace ‘The Change’ Fashion Show Fall 2020.”

The virtual fashion show, “The Change,” began with an introduction from Hurd. “Not only is this the first time that there is a class fashion show which has created and developed all of the materials, but we’re also delivering it to you virtually as well,” said Hurd in “Embrace ‘The Change’ Fashion Show Fall 2020.”

“The Change” features an array of different styles, designs, and outfits.

Each outfit, or “look” focused on in “The Change” was designed by Madison College Fashion Marketing students. Both models and designers themselves showcase looks through a collection of videos.

The first look, called “Revival,” was designed and modeled by Haley A. Dezonia. It utilizes repurposed clothing and “plays with the contrast of light and heavy fabrics in earth tones,” according to “Embrace ‘The Change’ Fashion Show Fall 2020.”

Another look, called I-Pari, features a yellow and blue two-piece designed and modeled by Kadidia Maiga. According to “Embrace ‘The Change’ Fashion Show Fall 2020,” Maiga’s look consists of Bazin, a fabric that is prominent in Mali culture and worn for special events.

Yet another look, “Imperfectly Perfect,” was designed and modeled by Caitlin Riordan. According to “Embrace ‘The Change’ Fashion Show Fall 2020,” Riordan made the main element in her look, a dress, from scratch. She sewed it with fabric from Agrace Thrift Store.

There are several other designs that can be found in “Embrace ‘The Change’ Fashion Show Fall 2020.” To view each design for yourself, follow the link