“The Devil is a Part-Timer” on Netflix has satan flee hell for a burger joint

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A very funny and lighthearted anime on Netflix is “The Devil is a PartTimer. Imagine if you had a great middle earth battle between heaven and hell, and at its climax, Satan flees. He lands in modern-day Japanhas lost all his powers, and moves into a low rent apartment 

Imagine he needs cash and gets a job at a fast-food burger joint., but is hunted by an angel the entire time he works there.   

This show is very laid back with no real plot aside from cosmic deities that once ruled entire armies and waged war. Now, these cosmic deities are living in a very urbansemiadult sitcom dealing with things like office romances and trying to get that next paycheck.   

The anime is only one season, but it features a fun little world that has a soul. It is filled with weird relationships and every day up and downs for demons and angels.