Broadway show ‘Wicked’ unfolds magically at the Overture Center

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Ana Bon, Staff Writer

“Wicked: the Untold Story of the Witches of Oz,” has never unfolded so magically.

Do you recall the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion or the slippers? Do you wonder how did they come to be? This Broadway musical tells that story while bursting with excitement and leading to many ah-ha moments.

I will never forget the way the woman sitting next to me bended and twisted in laughter while holding her belly!

Yes, it has comedy and laughter is inevitable!

When you see “Wicked”, you’ll share sentiments with Elphaba, the Green Witch. You’ll learn how to toss your hair with Glinda, and enjoy a class taught by a talking goat. I was completely immersed in this well-organized play that invites you into its world.

The cast made sure to make it a vivid illusion. They don’t just wear the costumes, they own them!

The Land of Oz never seemed so full of drama, awash with romance, and jam-packed with suspense. Now I understand what everyone has been talking about and why “Wicked” has been breaking records for years.

This musical is a mysterious, enthralling and passionate work of art. Unforgiveable to ignore, it’s a must see!

“Wicked” will keep playing until Nov. 21 at the Overture Center.