Game review: ‘Closure’

George Treviranus, Editor

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be in pitch darkness, with no way out, and with only a few feet of light around you at a time? “Closure” is that game.

Players will take part in one of the most straight-forward quests in modern gaming today. Simple side-scrolling, and with a twist: the light that shines your path (the floor) is the only thing letting you walk on it. Walk away from the light, and you’ll fall right down into the abyss.

The dynamic is simple. You start out the game with a ball of light which allows you to take steps. Once you put it down, you must stay within the radius of that light or die. Such a simple concept makes for both a challenging and puzzling game.

Each stage you progress, the game gets a little harder. There are dozens of stages and there’s something unique within all of them.

The only downside? You may get bored. With such a two-dimensional visual appeal and simple pixel-art, you are bound to feel the effects of the flat-face style. After just 15 or so stages I felt less of a desire to proceed and more of a desire to sleep.

“Closure” is a curious game. Its stark mood and feeling of disparity has the bizarre affect of drawing in the player closer and closer, as if to say, “get closer to the light.” It’s a unique indie-game experience that few should pass up.