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Fonfara instructs the group before the start of the audition.

Muhammed Kusuma, Clarion Staff Writer

I ran to the library after reading about The Red Badge of Courage audition time. It happened after WolfPack Welcome at Truax. I asked to the staff for a copy of the script and I scanned it. Thirty-one pages for a copy machine are quite expensive for an international student like me.

My name is Muhammad. I am from Indonesia. I don’t know why I was so crazy to join this performance. But I know I love acting. To grab the story, I watched the movie of The Red Badge of Courage, which is adapted from Stephen Cranes’ classic novel. Yes, it talks about the Civil War in 1861.

I do realize my limitation. I am not American, my English isn’t perfect yet, and I don’t know the body language and the value of American life.

On Sept 7 at 8 p.m. to I came to the audition room at the Truax campus. I met Michael Lussenden, managing producer who welcomed me, Robin Fonfara, casting director, and some students who joined the last day audition. Oh, I love this “class.” Suddenly my mind went to the typical Hollywood casting, which is ruthless. But it was wrong. We got a chance to read every part that we wanted. It made my heart big.

I read the line of a soldier and also the General. The last one is the character that I want to be. There are 18 people who were auditioned in two days. And there were 11 roles which one person later on stage can play more than one character.

As I write this story, I don’t know if I will get the role or will be sitting in the audience. Whatever happens, this will be the most interesting part of my life as a student at Madison College.

So, see you in The Mitby Theater on premier night, Nov. 4, at 7:30.

If you are interested in hearing about Muhammed’s adventure in adapting to Madison and Madison College, look for Muhammed’s column upcoming in future editions of The Clarion.